Today, State Representative Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) and State Senator André Jacque (R-DePere) released LRB-4877, relating to filing a complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC).

This bill came about after a constituent investigated and discovered that his 103 year old mother had voted in the November 2020 election despite having previously asked to no longer vote since she could not even recognize family members, much less candidates.

After speaking with nursing home management, the constituent was referred to the WEC who then referred them to the Milwaukee District Attorney. At this point, the constituent was informed that they could not file a complaint about this illegal activity, because they did not live in the same voting district as their 103 year old mother, and that they didn’t have standing.

“A caregiver should be able to raise a complaint about an election violation,” said Rep Allen. “Red tape should not stop a caregiver from being able to protect their family member’s vote.”

The bill would allow for an elector’s adult child or parent to file a written sworn complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission, even if they live in a different jurisdiction or district. This bill would also then provide standing in a civil suit.

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