Madison, WI – State Representative Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) released the following statement relating to his vote in favor of the 2023-2025 state budget:

“Today, I voted in favor of the new state budget. This budget returns a significant portion of our surplus to the overtaxed citizens of Wisconsin while also making key investments in our state.

“Constituents have shared with me that a significant priority was tax relief. This budget will help our middle class by lowering their income tax rate to 4.4% and provide the largest tax cut in state history, mostly benefitting the middle class. Everybody gets a tax cut, and the average taxpayer will save $537. This addresses the concerns of constituents and also the governor’s desire to see tax cuts benefit the middle class.

“The budget also lowers the top tax bracket to 6.5%. This will help our small businesses, 95% of which are structured as pass-through entities, many of whom pay taxes at the top individual income tax bracket. Everyone wins when we help job creators and investors. This will help Wisconsin be competitive with our neighboring states who have lower top tax brackets than us. Illinois’s top tax rate is 4.95%, Iowa’s is 5.7% but will decrease to 3.99% in 2026, and Michigan has a top tax rate of 4.25%.

“The budget also eliminates the personal property tax and helps hold the line on local property taxes by putting $600 million into the school tax levy credit. More than half of the budget surplus has been invested in providing income and property tax relief.

“Another important priority for the 97th Assembly District was better funding for our public safety infrastructure. This budget raises the pay of district attorney staff and public defenders to better retain and attract talent. Without enough lawyers to prosecute and defend cases, our court system grinds to a halt and justice is robbed.

“While this budget addresses the realities of the inflationary time in which we live, Republicans continue to chip away at the size of government by significantly reducing the overall number of authorized state employees.

“Hopefully the governor will sign this budget into law. It is a budget that works for all the people of Wisconsin by providing a historic tax cut and sufficient funding of essential services.”

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