MADISON, Wis. – Today, Representative Clinton Anderson gave his first speech on the floor regarding AB 245. He concluded the speech making a motion to refer the bill back to committee. 

“We received an amendment with 90 provisions about an hour prior to resuming our session. The public needs time to vet this amendment, and the Assembly needs time to read it. I am disappointed my colleagues across the aisle refused to send this bill back to committee. This is not good governance. This is not transparent,” said Rep. Anderson.

“Instead of moving forward transparently, Speaker Vos and Assembly Republicans rushed to pass a piece of legislation that does not have bipartisan support. A piece of legislation they know is not ready. They abdicated their responsibility to the senate to fix it. After a decade to fix this problem, why were they so in a rush to pass a flawed bill?”

“Our communities need a shared revenue bill that makes up for over a decade of legislative neglect. I wanted a bill I could vote yes to. This bill was not there yet. That is why a bipartisan group of legislators voted no.”

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