MADISON, Wis. – Today the Wisconsin State Assembly voted to pass the 2023-2025 budget, while rejecting a collection of Democratic budget amendments. 

“This budget is a missed opportunity to serve Wisconsin families while strengthening the Wisconsin workforce. By not funding Child Care Counts and failing to expand Medicaid, Republicans turned their back on working families and failed to address a critical worker shortage. Republicans chose to cut taxes for the wealthiest eleven Wisconsinites while the working class got peanuts. I cannot compromise when Wisconsin working families and businesses are on the line.”

“Today we gave Republicans an opportunity to address their budget’s failings and offered amendments to fund Child Care Counts, restore Roe, expand Medicaid, fund the Office of School Safety, and to extend postpartum eligibility. Not only would these amendments have raised the quality of life of Wisconsin families, but they would have attracted and retained talented workers and bolstered our economy. I stood with Wisconsin businesses and families by supporting each of these amendments. I am disappointed my Republican colleagues didn’t do the same.”

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