MADISON – Tonight, Governor Tony Evers delivered his fifth State of the State Address to a joint meeting of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Rep. Mike Bare (D-Verona) released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Evers for the successes of the past four years and appreciate his vision for continuing to move Wisconsin forward.”

“With our state having its largest surplus in history, I’m pleased Governor Evers has a plan to make crucial investments in local government, schools, and our communities. As a small business owner, I’m grateful for his plan to maintain the state’s economic momentum by bolstering the state’s workforce and supporting small businesses.”

“I thank Governor Evers for his crucial role in supporting all Wisconsinites. Governor Evers continues to lead with a bold vision to make Wisconsin a better place.”

“Lastly, I’d like to thank Dr. Tremayne Clardy, the Verona Area School District Superintendent for attending as my guest this evening. I am glad Dr. Clardy got to hear firsthand the Governor’s plan to invest in our public schools.”

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