Madison– State Representative Amy Binsfeld (R-Sheboygan) had her Voter Roll List passed today on the Assembly Floor along with over 20 other election bills: 

“The bills passed on the floor today are common sense legislation,” said Rep. Binsfeld. “I hope  that these are bills that the Governor will be signing into law.” 

Currently, we charge differently with regard to what amount of the total list is being requested.  The minimum today is at $30 and the maximum for a complete list is $12,500. In looking at other states across the country, we are the 4th highest. Eleven states don’t charge at all for the  lists, while others range from $2 in the District of Columbia to $37,000 in Alabama. Looking directly at our neighbor states we will see that Minnesota charges $51, Illinois charges $500, and Michigan charges $23. 

“I am proud to support all of these bills.”

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