Madison- State Representative Amy Binsfeld (R-Sheboygan) voted to help people move from government dependence to independence. The Assembly approved a package of bills designed to give people the training and opportunity to gain employment and self-sufficiency.

“I am pleased to have authored AB 146 relating to the guaranteed income program.” said Rep. Binsfeld. “AB 146 does not prevent charitable donations rather it does not allow state or local units of government to levy taxes or use GPR funding to pay for these guaranteed income

Last year, Madison joined almost 50 other cities around the nation in providing cash payments to certain residents. Madison’s program is being funded with private funds and this legislation would ensure it stays that way in the future. Milwaukee has also stated interest in a similar program, but currently do not have the funds necessary.

The package of workforce bills promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people back into the workforce.

Wisconsin has been a national leader in welfare reform. Under Governor Tommy Thompson, the Badger State became the model for the nation with its Wisconsin Works program. These new bills reform government systems that are currently disincentivizing people to work and competing with businesses that are desperate for workers.

“We must remove any barriers that prevent people from entering the workforce,” said Rep. Binsfeld. “My colleagues and I are taking another step to improve Wisconsin’s economic climate and its workforce.”

The bills now go to the state Senate for consideration before heading to the Governor for his signature.

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