MADISON, Wis. — Speaker Vos and legislative Republicans are threatening to impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz over comments she made on the campaign trail about abortion and redistricting and donations she received from the state Democratic Party.  In response, Rep. Marisabel Cabrera released the following statement:

“Let’s get the facts straight.

“FACT:  In 2002, it was a conservative Supreme Court of the United States that ruled any judicial candidate will have certain personal opinions about issues and likely will have conveyed those opinions, but they should be trusted to make decisions in an unbiased manner regardless and that access to the opinions of potential judges should be made available to voters. 

“FACT:  Current sitting conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court (WSC) justices have shared their personal opinions on important legal issues of the day while campaigning.

“FACT:  In 2010, it was WSC conservatives that created the rule allowing justices to stay on cases involving their campaign donors and who, in 2017, rejected a proposal to overhaul rules for when justices must recuse themselves from cases involving those who spent money in their elections.

“FACT:  Current sitting conservative WSC justices have received donations from the state Republican Party and other potential parties in future cases.

“FACT:  The Wisconsin Constitution limits impeachment only to those who have engaged in corrupt conduct in office or committed crimes.

“FACT:  Neither of these scenarios are applicable to Justice Protasiewicz and Republicans know it.

“If anyone should be impeached, it would be every WI GOP legislator who corruptly initiates and votes for the unconstitutional impeachment of Justice Protasiewicz.

“Republicans were not able to use The Big Lie to illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election results and they should not be able to use Bigger Lies to illegally overturn our 2023 state supreme court election results.”

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