Rep. Clancy is optimistic about increased shared revenue coming to Milwaukee

MADISON – Today, Governor Tony Evers delivered his fifth State of the State Address in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The Governor highlighted his administration’s work over the past four years and the proposal for increased shared revenue to municipalities.

Representative Clancy (D-19) issued the following statement:

“I am appreciative and optimistic about the prospective budget which increases the shared revenue for Milwaukee and prioritizes the needs of the working class. The Governor’s proposals for increased investments in public education, infrastructure, and mental health are much needed and will serve Wisconsinites well. I am hopeful that funds added to public education will be sufficient to close opportunity gaps until we can decouple the education funding formula from property tax. It is important that these all investments are allocated with the understanding that localities know what they need best. Each municipality and county needs to retain autonomy to uplift and support their unique needs. 

Investing our budget surplus into public education and programs like the Right to Counsel will ensure that this budget becomes a source of relentless advocacy for working class. As so many households across the state are struggling to make ends meet, it’s more vital than ever to embrace solutions based in equity and compassion for the working families.”

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