MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly met in regular session to take up a Republican-led tax plan. Representative Sue Conley (D-Janesville) issued the following statement in response:

“Governor Evers provided a plan for meaningful tax relief for middle income families. This plan was rejected by Wisconsin Republicans, and instead, they released another tax plan that benefits higher earners, rather than families and workers that need it the most.

“First, this GOP tax plan is unfair. To receive the average $700 tax cut, you must earn more than $100,000. 63% of Wisconsinites will receive just 30% of this proposed tax decrease. This plan does not provide any sort of meaningful relief for the majority of the state.

“I am also not convinced this tax plan is sustainable. Instead of funding meaningful tax relief through the state budget, Republicans are proposing using the current rainy day fund for a permanent tax relief. We have the money today, but we simply cannot predict if we will have it in the coming years. The rainy day fund does not exist to backfill bad policy decisions. In other words, this bill is fiscally irresponsible.

“I have had many discussions with constituents in Janesville about the things our communities need; affordable childcare, a pipeline for getting people into the healthcare field, and excellent public schools. I have not heard from anyone that what we need is an inequitable tax plan. For these reasons, I voted no today on Assembly Bill 386.”

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