Madison, WI — Today, Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) joined his Republican colleagues in passing Senate Joint Resolution 21 which calls on the governor to schedule a special election to fill a vacancy in the Office of Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Douglas J. La Follette resigned from his post on March 17, 2023 after over 45 years of service. Governor Tony Evers immediately filled his position with the appointment of Sarah Godlewski.

“After serving a little under three months of a four-year term, Secretary La Follette decided to leave his position as Secretary of State,” said Representative Dallman. “After a statewide partisan election that was decided by roughly 7,000 votes, it is amazing to me that Governor Evers would bypass the voters of Wisconsin and unilaterally fill the position on his own.”

“I am asking the governor to exercise his authority and call an immediate special election to fill this position,” said Representative Dallman. “In true hypocritical fashion, Democrats have time and again criticized Republicans for ‘attacking our democracy,’ while doing everything they can to ensure this office remains in Democratic control. It ought to be the will of the people, through a free and fair election, that decides who should fill this 45 month vacancy, not Governor Evers.”

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