Madison, WI — State Representative Alex Dallman (R-Green Lake) released the following statement about Governor Evers calling on a special session regarding workforce challenges:

“Yet again, actions speak louder than words. Governor Evers continues to push his left-wing agenda to grow government exponentially, instead of working with the legislature to find a long-term solution that would be better for the people of Wisconsin.

It is mind-boggling to me that the Governor claims he wants to find ways to solve our workforce shortage, but decided to veto the Republican’s Stronger Workforce package that would have helped people return to work from the sidelines, while also reforming our social safety nets.

Republicans continue to work in good faith to address our workforce crisis by sending bills to Governor Evers, but unfortunately he responds by vetoing. That includes a middle-class tax cut that would have been beneficial to all taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Governor Evers has proven that he will not stand by his word during negotiations. Sadly, his failed leadership and his actions as governor will have consequences on citizens across all sectors of our economy.”

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