Madison – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) proudly cast her vote in favor of the Assembly’s amended shared revenue plan on Wednesday night.

“After listening to constituents and meeting with local officials to find a consensus, we are making historic investments in local government throughout the 38th Assembly District,” Rep. Dittrich said. “The legislation focuses on innovation and public safety – directing funds to help our rural communities, suburbs, and cities meet the financial challenges of the next decade. It is important to stress that these funds will now be tied to growth in Wisconsin’s growth in sales tax revenue.”

Amendments made to the bill after working with the Governor included training for school resource officers, an additional increase in funds to smaller communities, adjustments to the amount of time a local health official may close businesses, and allowing local advisory referenda for capital expenditures.

The legislation voted on Wednesday is the largest increase in state history for shared revenue, with every local government seeing at least a 15%, for all municipalities under 110,000 in population. If this legislation is signed into law, the state will provide a financial incentive to encourage efficiencies, cost savings, and consolidation based on how local governments come together to provide services. Additionally, a portion of funds will be allocated to support law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works, and transportation.

“While I am concerned about the State Senate caving on the notion of the long-sought-after sales tax referendum for Milwaukee, I hope that the threat of the city going bankrupt will help all parties negotiating to address this issue more soberly and realistically,” stated Rep. Dittrich. “Failure is not an option with shared revenue improvements. This funding is far too vital to the survival of our communities.”

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