Madison – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) appeared at the rollout of the Assembly GOP’s historic plan to update Wisconsin’s shared revenue funding formula, which has been frozen since Governor Jim Doyle’s tenure. As part of the plan, 20% of the state sales tax revenues would be directed exclusively to local governments, $227 million in brand new funding would be provided for law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works, and transportation, thus doubling the state reimbursement for officer training costs, and repealing the personal property tax.

The Assembly GOP plan creates a new Local Government Segregated Account totaling over $1.5 billion, including this $227 million of NEW funding for local governments.  Both the existing money and the new money will be tied to GROWTH in Wisconsin’s sales tax.  This new funding most directly impacts municipalities by shrinking the gap between size-dependent aid. However, EVERY local government will see at least a 10% increase in shared revenue.

“It is good to see the year-long work I have been doing with local, county, and state officials finally brought forth as a solid plan,” stated Rep. Dittrich. “We want the good people of Wisconsin to see how we have worked together as problem-solvers.”

The plan’s focus on public safety ensures that the State of Wisconsin can provide one of the most strained yet required responsibilities of government.  Under the new Innovation Fund, local governments that contract for services can qualify for assistance. The Funding Assistance Program (FAP) is receiving an additional $15 million to provide funds for service providers to be used for ambulances, vehicle equipment, and durable medical supplies. Additionally, the state is doubling the reimbursement for training law enforcement officers. Finally, the regulatory burden on rural EMS will be drastically reduced due to additional flexibility being provided for ambulance staffing for non-emergent situations as well as a prohibition on additional equipment for flex staffing.

This plan allows municipalities to become whole and ensure the people of Wisconsin are being provided for in emergencies. Rep. Dittrich looks forward to seeing this plan advance for the benefit of our state in the weeks ahead.

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