Madison – Representative Bob Donovan (R-Greenfield) gave a statement following the Floor Session regarding the passage of bills relating to public safety including Assembly Bill 55 & 56 – authored by Rep. Donovan.

“I and many of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle have heard from their constituents about the need for public safety. As the elected leaders, it is our duty to respond accordingly. Today is that day.”

“I authored two of the bills passed and I am honored to see the overwhelming bipartisan support,” said Rep. Donovan. “Public safety does not have to be a partisan issue and we should always prioritize the public’s safety over politics.”

AB 55 increases the penalties for reckless driving – doubling all fines and jail time. AB 56 is closely related as it would impound vehicles that have previously unpaid fines.

“Increasing penalties only works if we increase our enforcement. In Milwaukee since 2020, 77% of those reckless driving fines have gone unpaid. That is a major problem,” said Rep. Donovan. “If you are a habitual reoffender, your vehicle will be impounded. Perhaps then criminals will begin to follow our laws.”

The Assembly also passed crime related bills addressing felony firearm possession, transparency on parole decisions and the defining language for the constitutional amendment on bail.

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