Milwaukee – TodayRepresentative Bob Donovan (R-Greenfield) gave a statement following the bill signing ceremony for Assembly Bill 55 in Milwaukee. Governor Evers signed Rep. Donovan’s bipartisan reckless driving legislation that increases all penalties for reckless driving including fines and jail time. Rep. Donovan said:

“Elected officials have a duty to listen to their constituents. I believe this bill signing is a direct product of that. We listened to your concerns and made good on our promises. Now I call upon our judges to do the same and utilize the tools they are given to protect those same citizens.”

AB 55 doubles the penalties for all reckless driving offenses. Notably, jail time for reckless driving that causes bodily harm would be increased from 1 year to 2 years. Reckless driving resulting in great bodily harm would be increased from 2.5 years to 6 years.

“We have already seen multiple instances of reckless driving terrorizing our streets since this legislation was introduced. This behavior will not end unless a strong message is sent that this lawlessness will not be tolerated. These increased penalties are a vital part of it.”

“I want to thank Governor Evers, Mayor Johnson, Senator Stroebel, and Abbie Strong for all their work in helping this legislation pass. With now two bills signed into law to combat reckless driving, I hope that we can begin to right the ship on this epidemic plaguing our communities.”

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