Madison – Representative Bob Donovan (R-Greenfield) gave a statement following Governor Evers Budget Address in the Assembly Chambers. Rep. Donovan said:

“Today the Governor outlined his priorities for the state’s budget and I believe we can agree on many of the topics presented. We desperately need to address our workforce crisis in addition to ensuring our local governments are given the resources to provide essential services to citizens. While I agree with the Governor that we need to tackle these issues head-on, we may differ on the solutions.

With this historic budget surplus, it is only fair we return the majority of it back to the people of Wisconsin. I worry that the dramatic increase in spending would further burden our constituents to the tune of nearly $1.4 billion. Additionally, this budget would turn a $2.8 billion positive structural balance into a $1.4 billion deficit. It is critical that we continue fiscally responsible budget practices to ensure our state’s financial health is prosperous.

I look forward to hearing from my constituents about their budget priorities in the following months. You have made your opinions known and I will continue to listen as I plan multiple in-district listening sessions to receive your valuable input.”

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