MADISON- Tonight, Governor Tony Evers delivered his fifth State of the State Address in Wisconsin State Capitol, where he highlighted his administration’s work over the past four years and looked ahead at what the next four years will hold.

State Rep. Dora Drake (D-11th Assembly District, Milwaukee) released the following statement:

Governor Evers has led our state by putting people first and by consistently doing what is right for everyone in Wisconsin.

His investments in our small businesses and working families have put us in a strong position to tackle our challenges. By laying out a robust plan to strengthen our workforce through investments such as infrastructure, caregiving, innovative industries and so much more, Governor Evers is setting Wisconsin up for success.

When we make sure our communities have the resources they need to meet basic and unique needs alike, we all succeed. I congratulate Governor Evers on his address and look forward to his continued leadership moving forward.

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