MADISON – On Thursday, Senate Bill (SB) 270 which was co-authored by Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora), was approved by both houses of the Legislature. The proposal reforms the process for compensating road-building contractors that are harmed by utility-caused delays.

“As I travel the 87th Assembly District, one of the top concerns I hear about is the need to invest in our roads and bridges,” said Rep. Edming. “While we have made some great strides in this area we also need to make sure the taxpayer dollars invested in transportation is spent as efficiently as possible.”

While contractors can currently seek compensation from utilities for delays they cause, it often results in legal challenges and increased costs. SB 270 solves this issue by getting contractors out of the bill-collecting business and instead having the Department of Transportation compensate contractors directly for utility-related delays. The department would then collect compensation from the utility responsible for the delay.

“The reforms made by SB 270 will help ensure that the money spent on transportation is going towards fixing our roads and bridges and not costly legal bills,” said Rep. Edming. “I’m excited that this important legislation is now on the way to Governor Evers’ desk and I look forward to him signing it into law.

SB 270 now heads to Governor Evers for his consideration.

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