Madison – Last week, Rep. Goeben (Hobart –R) in the spirit of transparency, voted yes to adopt the Iowa plan.  The Assembly introduced and passed legislation to adopt the ‘gold standard’ Iowa model for redistricting. Historically, the Iowa model has had bipartisan support because it removes line drawing from the hands of a political party and places the responsibility with the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB).

Founded in 1901, the LRB is the oldest nonpartisan legislative service agency in the United States. They provide confidential legal, research, and information services to the legislature, committee, and its members.

“Unfortunately, the media has used their tongue to fan the flames of discord. From both sides of the aisle, calm voices and clear heads should use their influence to lower temperatures and enhance good relations about redistricting plans and gerrymandering concerns,” said Rep. Goeben.

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