Madison – State Representative Karen Hurd (R-Fall Creek) issued the following statement concerning the 2023 State Budget and Governor Evers Vetoes:

“My colleagues and I have worked tirelessly since inauguration in January to bring all Wisconsinites a great budget. Times have been tough for everyone regardless of demographic or background. We sought to reduce the financial burden on taxpayers while also investing in a bright future.

We voted to cut state income and property taxes by 4.4 billion dollars. We negotiated to end personal property taxes. Combined, this would have been the greatest tax cut in Wisconsin history.

On top of the tax cuts, we invested a lot into local communities and into Wisconsin. We reworked shared revenue so local governments can properly fund police and fire. We invested heavily in public and choice schools. In truth, we funded many University of Wisconsin projects throughout the state. We are also investing in rural, local, and agricultural roads.

However, Governor Evers broke some good faith deals. The Republican budget included a tax plan that reduced income taxes by $3.5 billion over the biennium, targeted at the middle brackets. Governor Evers gutted this tax plan, all but eliminating income tax relief on Wisconsin families from this budget.

Additionally, Governor Evers manipulated the language so that public schools can increase property taxes with a $325 per pupil revenue limit adjustment in each year for 400 years.

For example, Altoona School District has over 1,700 students for the 2023 school year. Altoona School District would be able to raise property taxes by over half a million dollars every year for 400 years.

No matter what happens next, I want you to know that I am fighting for you with all my energy and resources.

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