Madison – State Representative Karen Hurd (R-Fall Creek) voted to help people move from government dependence to independence. The Assembly approved a package of bills designed to give people the training and opportunity to gain employment and self-sufficiency.

“Wisconsin has nearly one hundred thousand high-paying jobs available. Everyone who can work should be part of the workforce to help our state move forward. With so many open jobs, public assistance should be temporary and help those who truly need it.”

This package of workforce bills promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people back into the workforce.

Wisconsin has been a national leader in welfare reform. Under Governor Tommy Thompson, the Badger State became the model for the nation with its Wisconsin Works program. These new bills reform government systems that are currently dissuading people from working and competing with businesses that are desperate for workers.

“We must encourage people to reenter the workforce. This is a considerable step forward to improve Wisconsin’s business climate and its workforce.”

The bills now go to the state Senate for consideration before heading to the Governor for his signature.

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