Madison – Rep. Karen Hurd (R-Fall Creek) expressed concern with Governor Tony Evers’ budget request to the Wisconsin State Legislature and issued the following statement:

“The Covid 19 emergency health order showed us just how important internet access is to remote working families, businesses and remote students. I look forward to working together with Governor Evers to bring reliable broadband access to all Wisconsinites to give them greater economic and educational opportunities.”

“Unfortunately, after hearing the governor talk about working together on the other parts of the budget, the budget proposal focuses heavily on policies that will be difficult to move forward in a Republican-led legislature,” said Rep. Hurd. “The request won’t meet the needs of hardworking Wisconsinites.”

Wisconsin’s strong fiscal position is because of the frugal Republican budgeting decisions made over the last four years, with a large projected surplus and the state’s rainy day fund at its highest level in state history.

“Assembly Republicans are committed to investing ongoing state resources into programs that are working, defunding the ones that are not, fixing what is broken, and not growing the size of government with new programs that we can’t afford.”

As required by state law, the Governor’s request has been introduced by the state’s budgeting-writing committee, the Joint Committee on Finance. The committee will soon hold listening sessions around the state to gather citizen input.

“I look forward to hearing from my constituents about the ideas that Governor Evers has presented to us,” said Rep. Hurd. “I’m planning several in-district listening sessions on the budget over the coming weeks.”

Constituents can also contact their state representative by e-mailing or calling (608) 237-9168.

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