MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin State Representative Alex Joers was sworn in at the State Capitol by Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul for the 2023-2024 Legislative Session. Joers succeeds, now state senator, Dianne Hesselbein to represent the 79th District in the State Assembly.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of Wisconsin in the legislature,” said Joers, surrounded by friends and family. “This is a critical time in our state’s history. We will need resilient leadership to face the challenges that impact our state, especially our working families. I will be a resounding voice for my community as we push for fairness and progress, our proud Wisconsin values.”

Joers began his service as an aide in the legislature and was elected to the Dane County Board in 2020. As a local official, Joers collaborated with colleagues to encourage community safety initiatives, expand land conservation efforts, and elevate public health. In the State Assembly, he now represents communities directly west and north of Lake Mendota including parts of Madison, most of Middleton, Westport, Waunakee, and portions of Windsor and Burke.

“In the State Assembly, I will be a champion for democracy as we work towards non-partisan redistricting, reproductive freedom, and investment in our children’s future, among the many issues we will take up this legislative session,” Joers continued. “I look forward to building bridges where I am able and standing up for the will of the people in our state government.”

Representative Joers was appointed to several legislative standing committees in the State Assembly including: Colleges & Universities; Forestry, Parks & Outdoor Recreation; Tourism; and Rules. The 79th District Office is available to assist constituents via phone at (608) 237-9179 or by email at

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