Madison – Rep. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown) issued the following statement in response to Governor Tony Evers’ annual State of the State address last night:

“As always, the governor offered up a laundry list of new spending in his annual State of the State speech—the specific asks in this one add up to $1.3 billion. Unfortunately, this administration’s record of mismanagement do not reassure me that his the governor’s team is capable of putting those funds to good use.

“The appalling state of the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) in particular borders on dereliction. The people of this state are not receiving a good return on their investment from this governor when his licensing department forces some applicants to wait up to a year for their applications to be processed. You cannot talk about the ‘state of the state’ without addressing this bureaucratic disaster, yet the governor left it out of his speech completely.

“If the governor wants his priorities funded, he needs to show that his administration is competent enough to oversee those funds. As a consequence, I will advocate for as much of our budget surplus to be returned to the taxpayers as possible—I certainly trust them to spend that money wisely.”

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