MADISON – This afternoon, the Wisconsin State Assembly convened to debate and vote on Assembly Bill 245. Although state leaders on both sides of the aisle have stated that shared revenue negotiations are ongoing, Assembly Bill 245 was still brought up for a floor vote today and passed 56-36 with one Republican joining the Democrats as a “NO” vote.

State Representative Supreme Moore Omokunde rose to speak on Assembly Bill 245 and offered his thoughts on the bill and how it would impact the city of Milwaukee, and Milwaukee County:

“I grew up as a community organizer in Milwaukee. In all of my years as an organizer knocking doors across the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, I’ve met wonderful, diverse individuals that care deeply about Milwaukee and about the state of Wisconsin. One of the main things I have noticed knocking doors: the people of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County rarely ever have a negative word to say about the state of Wisconsin. We love our neighbors across the state, we love our Wisconsin heritage, and we work hard to support ourselves, our city and our state.

Other places in Wisconsin have PLENTY of negative words to say about the city of Milwaukee…we have been forced to find our own solutions in lieu of state aid for decades and as such, we have hundreds of nonprofits and non-governmental organizations stepping in every day at every turn to help where this legislative body has failed time and again. We find ways to make it work even when we shouldn’t have to – from the state that we love, whose legislature seems to invent new ways to hate us and name us “undeserving.” This instance is direr than ever before – we really need the state’s help. Help Milwaukee and Milwaukee, as the city’s social and economic engine, will help you in spades.”

Representative Moore Omokunde represents the 17th Assembly District on the North and Northwest sides of Milwaukee.

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