MADISON – Representative Dave Murphy (R- Greenville) proudly voted yes on legislation giving more shared revenue aid to local governments. 

“I’ve heard from constituents and met with local officials and we’ve found a consensus. We are making historic investments in local government,” Rep. Murphy said. “This legislation focuses on public safety and promoting innovation at the local level. The bill will increase funds for rural communities, suburbs and cities.” 

The bill, AB-245, is the largest shared revenue increase in state history. Every local government in the state will see at least a 10% increase. 

“Municipalities in the 56th District fare very, very well under this bill,” said Murphy. “For example, the City of Appleton will see a 15% increase, the Town of Grand Chute will see a 238% increase, and the Village of Greenville will see a whopping 425% increase.” 

Here’s how the numbers break down for municipalities in the 56th Assembly District: 


Town of Center 

Town of Dale 

Town of Grand Chute 

Village of Greenville 

City of Appleton 

Existing Aid 

New Aid 

Total Aid 

Aid Increase 





















This new money will be allocated toward important reforms to improve the way local government works. If local governments come together and provide a service more efficiently, the State will provide a financial incentive to encourage those efficiencies, cost savings and consolidation. In addition, a portion of the funds will be allocated for law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works and transportation. 

“Public safety has been, and will continue to be, a top priority for Republicans,” said Representative Murphy. “With this legislation we are taking the steps we need to keep our communities safe and ensure law enforcement gets the resources it needs and not be subject to defunding.” The bill will now head to the State Senate for consideration.

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