MADISON – Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee), issued the following statement regarding Governor Tony Evers’ 2023 State of the State Address:

“Governor Evers came armed with receipts tonight; receipts that show he has made good on many of the promises he made during his first term in office.  By investing in Wisconsin’s roads and infrastructure, 5,800 miles of thoroughfare and nearly 1,600 bridges are safer for Wisconsinites’ daily passage.  He also provided receipts of investment in state-wide broadband expansion; effectively connecting the state and eroding an essential barrier between the “digital haves and have nots”.  Broadband access is an essential function of American life.  It is one of the great equalizers for employment, workforce development, and education.  I applaud Governor Evers’ goal of doubling broadband expansion by the end of his term.

I was very pleased with the Governor’s commentary regarding education.  Expressly, the call for a greater commitment to Wisconsin’s public schools.  Using some of the state’s surplus dollars to improve literacy and reading related outcomes.  Utilizing evidence-based reading practices to instruct children and identify reading deficiencies early can help teachers provide interventions and strategies to help students succeed.

I hope each of my colleagues listened intently and are prepared to legislate accordingly; for it does not matter if we disagree, but whether we act in a way that creates a positive change for the people of our state.  By investing in education, expanding access and opportunity, only then can we truly move forward.” 


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