State Assembly passes budget bill in 63 – 34 vote

Madison – Representative Nedweski is proud to have voted for a budget made for Wisconsin. The approved bill makes historic investments in critical programs while putting money back in the pockets of hard-working people. $4.4 billion will be returned to taxpayers, the largest tax cut in state history.

“The people of Wisconsin know best how to spend their own money. Instead of spending billions on the Governor’s liberal wish list, Republicans are returning funds that were overpaid to the people who actually earned them. It’s as simple as that.” said Rep. Nedweski.

Republicans continue to focus on fiscal responsibility and shrinking bureaucracy. This includes removing over 800 proposed positions and cutting nearly 800 existing positions. The Governor’s proposed $2 billion in tax increases would have expanded welfare, created wasteful new government programs, and inflated government.

Investments in K-12 education in the approved budget are at record levels. Over $1 billion will be invested in Wisconsin classrooms, with new money to help narrow the funding gap between public, charter, and choice schools. In addition, $50 million is dedicated to transforming statewide reading instruction as outlined in the recently passed Right to Read Act, of which Rep. Nedweski is a co-author.

In addition to education investments, Republicans have responded to the people’s overwhelming requests for infrastructure improvements by investing $1.5 billion flagged for local roads, bridges, and other means of travel. Funding for local roads is up $285 million in this budget, including a new plan specifically dedicated to agricultural roads. Republicans also addressed the lagging workforce participation levels by making investments in talent attraction and retention, youth apprenticeship programs, and much-needed affordable, next-generation housing.

Finally, Republicans invested in local governments by funding public safety, infrastructure, and critical services in cities, villages, and towns at transformational levels. The bipartisan shared revenue plan also includes an opportunity for Milwaukee to address their unfunded pension liabilities.

“The work of the Joint Finance Committee on this budget is commendable, said Rep Nedweski. “The people of Wisconsin should be pleased with this practical and responsible plan that puts their priorities first. Strong fiscal management by Republicans continues to move Wisconsin in the right direction – Forward!”

Rep. Nedweski (R-Pleasant Prairie) Serves as the Vice Chair of Colleges and Universities and serves on the Assembly Committees on Education, Workforce Development and Economic Opportunities, and Family Law.

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