MADISON, Wis. — This morning, Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) joined Governor Tony Evers, Lieutenant Governor Sara Rodriguez, Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison), and Tanya Atkinson of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin in a press conference on restoring reproductive rights in Wisconsin.

Rep. Neubauer released the following statement:

“Every single Wisconsinite must have the right to make reproductive healthcare decisions that are right for them, but today that is not the reality we live in. Wisconsinites should be able to consult those they trust and most importantly, they should be able to make their deeply personal decision without interference from politicians who know nothing  about their life circumstances, values, or responsibilities. 

“Unfortunately, Republicans in the legislature have refused to do their job, gaveling in and out of the special sessions Governor Evers has called on abortion, despite the fact that the majority of Wisconsinites oppose the overturning of Roe v. Wade. What does it say about our democracy that a majority party with a minority opinion can prevent an issue from being raised in the legislature? Not just voted on, but even discussed. This is extremism, it is obstructionism. 

“Instead of addressing the issues Wisconsinites care about most, in the Senate today and we expect in the Assembly on Thursday, we will vote on an advisory referendum put forth by legislative Republicans that seeks to further divide us. 

“We all know what this is really about. GOP leadership using their positions in the legislature to attempt to gain an advantage in the upcoming Supreme Court election. In our roles as legislators, we should be focusing on restoring Roe in Wisconsin and having real conversations about how we can make life better for people in Wisconsin. Wisconsin deserves better than this.” 

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