MADISON – Today, Legislative Republicans circulated legislation to add exceptions for rape and incest in the first trimester to Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban. Democratic Assembly Leader Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement: 

“Republicans have had opportunity after opportunity to restore comprehensive access to reproductive healthcare in Wisconsin and they continue to refuse to do so. This bill is a disingenuous attempt to cover up their out of touch position in advance of the April 4th election. We know that the majority of Wisconsinites support access to abortion care. 

“Last time I checked, we are not doctors. Legislators should not be the ones dictating who can and cannot receive vital reproductive healthcare. This bill is a political stunt and the GOP knows it. 

“We must repeal Wisconsin’s archaic 1849 abortion ban and restore comprehensive access to abortion in Wisconsin. We cannot settle for anything less.” 

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