MADISON, Wis. — Over the last nine months, three Black transgender women have been murdered in Milwaukee. Their names are Brazil Johnson, Regina “Mya” Allen, and Cashay Henderson. The Wisconsin Legislative LGBTQ+ Caucus released the following statement:

“The hate and violence against transgender people must end. Everyone, in every community, should have the opportunity to live their life and be who they are without fear. It is extremely alarming that over the last nine months, our state has lost three Black trans women to gun violence. 

“Brazil Johnson, Regina “Mya” Allen, and Cashay Henderson should be alive today. They should have had the opportunity to live a full life. Our thoughts are with their families and friends as they deal with the unimaginable loss of their loved ones. 

“Across our country, the volume of legislation aimed against the LGBTQ+ community has exploded, particularly against trans people. It is clear that these attacks have devastating real-life consequences for the LGBTQ+ community in every state—especially because actions like these particularly impact trans women of color, who suffer violence and homicide at disproportionate rates. The attacks must end. 

“We need to do everything we can to make sure that everyone in Wisconsin has the opportunity to love who they want, be who they are, and live a free and happy life. The Black trans community deserves better than this. Black Trans Lives Matter.”

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