MADISON, WI – Today the Wisconsin State Assembly met to debate a number of issues relating to crime and community safety.

Representative Tod Ohnstad offered the following statement:

“It’s frustrating Republicans decided to take the day to push an agenda rather than discuss evidence-based polices which have been proven to reduce crime. While I was pleased to vote in favor of a proposal aiming to reduce reckless driving in Wisconsin and a proposal to allow DACA recipients to serve as law enforcement officers, I’m fairly disappointed we couldn’t have a level-headed debate on proactively reducing crime in Wisconsin.” 

“I’m thankful for Governor Evers budget proposals which invest millions in shared revenue to help communities prevent crime and fund local solutions to keep their communities safe. I surely hope Republicans keep this proposal in their budget as local governments having been starving to provide funding to critical services like EMS, law enforcement, and mental health.”

“We can do better than what today showed. It’s time to end the divisiveness and work together to reduce crime in a proactive way.”

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