The eight first-term Democratic members of the WI State Assembly today issued the following statement:

“Drawing on our extensive experience as local electeds, organizers and community advocates, each of us knows clearly what it looks like to struggle to meet the needs of residents through underfunded municipal and local governments. We are optimistic that Representatives from both sides of the aisle recognize the harm that has and continues to occur when we starve local governments of resources. We also stand together in knowing that bodies closest to the people: common councils, town, village, county and school boards, best understand the needs and priorities of their residents. Local governments must remain empowered with the autonomy to make budgetary decisions in-line with the intent of their constituents rather than have those decisions dictated by the state legislature.”

The members of the Assembly Democrats Class of ’23 members are Representatives Clinton Anderson,
Mike Bare, Ryan Clancy, Jenna Jacobson, Alex Joers, Darrin Madison, Lori Palmeri and Melissa Ratcliff.

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