MADISON, WI – Rep. Plumer released the following statement after today’s Assembly floor session that saw passage of his legislation, as well as reforms to combat carjacking and protect choices for Wisconsinites:

“First, I would like to thank my Assembly colleagues for unanimously approving my legislation to clean up outdated statutes within the Department of Tourism. These changes will help things run more efficiently.

“We also continued fighting back against the out of control crime making life more dangerous for Wisconsin families. We increased penalties for carjacking and reformed its statutory definition. These changes ensure violent criminals can be properly charged and the punishment fits the crime. I gladly voted in favor of this important bill.

“We concluded today’s floor session by protecting Wisconsinites’ ability to live their lives free of ridiculous government overreach. Around the country, we’ve already seen bans on gas stoves, gas cars, gas lawn mowers, and more. The legislation we approved today protects consumer
choice and prevents these bans and their negative impacts on Wisconsin families and businesses.

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