MADISON, WI – Yesterday, historic non-partisan redistricting reform passed the Assembly.  Rep. Plumer co-authored the proposal and voted in favor: 

“When I was first elected to office I told voters that I would support non-partisan redistricting  reform if it came to the Assembly floor for a vote. 

“During our long floor session yesterday, I kept that promise to my constituents. I was one of the  authors of Assembly Bill 415 and voted YES on the proposal. This legislation creates a non partisan system for redistricting in Wisconsin that mirrors the “Iowa Model”. 

“Surprisingly, there was an almost total lack of support for this proposal from my Democratic  colleagues. Only one voted in favor of the bill. Despite demanding for years that we pass non partisan redistricting reform like the “Iowa Model”, and despite us adopting a number of  amendments to address their specific concerns, they suddenly had a change of heart yesterday. 

Thank you to the three Democrat members who worked with us to make amendments, and thank  you to Democrat Rep. LaKeshia Myers for voting in favor of the bill. Unfortunately for the rest  of my Democrat colleagues, when they had their chance to actually support non-partisan  redistricting reform, they turned their backs.”

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