Madison – Rep. Nik Rettinger (R-Mukwonago) proudly supported legislation in the “Saving Women’s Sports Act” ensuring K-12, University of Wisconsin and technical athletic teams are based on the birth gender of the

“Knowing that issue is on the forefront of folks’ minds in my district, especially in my home community of Mukwonago, was one of the principal reasons I wanted to be a co-author of Assembly Bill 377 and Assembly Bill 378. Assembly Bill 377 is especially important given the concern that constituents have expressed to me regarding the recent court cases on this issue. Title IX was passed approximately 50 years ago and it is incredible that some of my colleagues now want to trample it in the name of a woke political agenda.”

In addition, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 465, the “Help, Not Harm” legislation which would prohibit gender transition medical intervention for individuals under 18 years of age.

“The logic from the other side is so inconsistent it would be laughable if it wasn’t so alarming. These are the same individuals that say teens committing violent crimes can’t be charged as adults because they don’t understand the gravity of their actions, but they can apparently make irreversible decisions on removing body parts. Bill Maher, hardly a bullhorn for conservatism, expressed concern and highlights other country’s reconsideration of this life-altering procedures on his show in 2022. The public strongly agrees that minors under 18 should not be victimized in this way, and thankfully the majority of my colleagues stepped up to protect children undergoing mental health challenges from having permanent, life-altering changes made to their bodies.”

Representative Nik Rettinger also stood firm against the mass terrorist attacks committed by Hamas in Israel over the weekend by co-sponsoring and supporting on the floor today a pro-Israel resolution. The bills now head to the State Senate for consideration and concurrence.

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