Madison, WI – Thursday, Representative Rozar issued the following statement regarding the Assembly’s passage of Assembly Bill 245, also known as the “shared revenue” Bill.

“This spring, I frequently spoke with local officials across the 69th Assembly District to receive their input on issues affecting their communities. Nearly all expressed the necessity to increase the State’s funding via shared revenue. I am pleased to report, that last night, the Assembly approved legislation to significantly increase the funding for local municipalities. I appreciate that all local governments in the 69th Assembly District will receive an increase of at least 15% in direct municipal aid from the State. In addition to the increase in direct aid, several segregated grant funds have been allocated to fund important services such as fire, EMS, police, public works, and transportation.”

“As a legislator who also serves as a Wood County Board Supervisor, I have recognized the need for an increase in shared revenue for local municipalities, and was glad I could vote in favor of a Bill that does just that.”

The Bill will be considered by the State Senate in the near future. After which, it will go to the Governor for his consideration and approval.

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