Madison, WI: The Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Shared Revenue Package 2023 AB 245. Package guarantees at least a 15% percent increase to local communities.   

This package is meant to support local governments financially and allow them to effectively serve their constituents. Inflation has impacted budgets and constrained many local governments. It will provide millions of dollars to Wisconsin counties, cities, towns, and villages. In addition, the Assembly’s passage of AB 245 will keep essential emergency services, Police, Fire, and EMS, a clear priority.  

The Shared Revenue Package is a long-overdue measure that recognizes the financial challenges faced by local governments. It will enable them to fund public safety, infrastructure, and other essential services. In addition, it provides the necessary funding to support the growth and development of local communities in Wisconsin.

Rep Angie Sapik expressed her gratitude to her colleagues in the State Assembly for their unwavering support and commitment to helping local governments provide better services to their constituents. She added that the Shared Revenue Package is a crucial investment in the state’s future.

This package was built on the input of the Wisconsin Towns Association, and the Wisconsin League of Municipalities also praised the measure, stating that it will positively impact the state’s economy and benefit communities across Wisconsin.

The Shared Revenue Package 2023 AB 245 is an essential step toward supporting local governments in Wisconsin. It reflects the State Assembly’s commitment to investing in communities and ensuring they have the resources to function effectively.

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