Today, Assembly Republicans voted to pass Assembly Bill 245, legislation to change Wisconsin’s shared revenue system. Rep. Christine Sinicki (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement in response: 

“It is no secret that Wisconsin’s local governments are hurting, and that our shared revenue system is in desperate need of changes. I wish today’s proposal was something I could have voted for. However, the bill passed today by the GOP is riddled with poison pills and kneecaps local autonomy, which is not the solution our state needs.

“AB 245 sends significantly less money to local governments than the plan proposed in the Governor’s budget, yet comes with far more restrictions, mandates, prohibitions, and preemptions. These stipulations not only go against the original intent of the shared revenue program, but unnecessarily harm the city of Milwaukee.

I am tired of the repeated attacks from Republicans towards the city of Milwaukee. AB 245 is just another way for the GOP to handcuff Milwaukee and further harm our communities. Our city deserves better, and I will keep advocating to support Milwaukee and put policies in place that will actually help our city thrive. I look forward to continued discussions on this issue in order to reach a compromise that will benefit all Wisconsinites and provide our communities with the flexibility they need to be successful.” 

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