Madison… Today, Representative Patrick Snyder (R-Schofield) gave the following statement in response to Governor Tony Evers’ State of the State address:

“While I am glad that Governor Evers recognizes many of our State’s greatest needs, I am disappointed that he is only now looking at addressing them – all while taking credit for the sound financial footing created by Legislative Republicans.

Despite continually touting himself as the “education governor” the fact is that under his leadership English proficiency is down 5.4% while math proficiency is down 10%. While I am glad the Governor recognizes the issue, his only solution seems to be irresponsibly throwing more money at failing institutions instead of reforming them.

The Governor recognizes the workforce challenges faced by businesses across Wisconsin but has sat on his feet and refused to take simple steps to address the crisis by vetoing workforce retention and attraction bills – all while refusing to audit and reform his failed Department of Workforce Development and while licensing delays are preventing new graduates from starting work. Instead his plans to address the workforce rely on far left policy objectives instead of embracing the simple solutions that have been on his desk for two years.

Despite our differences, I do hope my legislative colleagues and I can work with the Governor to address childcare challenges, workforce development, and public safety. It is my sincere hope that the Governor is ready to listen to and work with the Legislature. Compromise would go much further than political gimmicks towards ensuring the State of our State remains strong.”

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