Madison – Representative Shae Sortwell (R-Gibson) released the following statement today regarding the circulation of his victims’ rights legislation, co-authored with Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville):

“To ensure justice prevails in our court system, it is integral that all debts are paid back by the perpetrator of a felony to society, notably to their victim(s). Once that happens, usually certain rights are re-instituted back to the felon, including the right to vote.”

“Although I support that premise, Wisconsin law currently does not require that all financial obligations be paid back until that right to vote is restored. I believe this undermines victims’ rights and should also be mandatory. That way, grandma is more ensured to get the money back
that was stolen from her. The victim should have her rights fully restored before the criminal because she matters, too. And my legislation maintains that notion.”

Representative Sortwell is available for comment.

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