Madison, WI – Representative Rob Swearingen (R – Rhinelander) released the following statement regarding the passage of Assembly Bill 245 today:

“Over the past several months, one of the main issues I have heard from local government officials is how much they are struggling financially. They have a core obligation to provide services to our communities, but their budgets are often stretched too thin.

Those concerns have been heard loud and clear. The bill that the Assembly passed today gives Vilas, Oneida County, and their municipalities substantial funding increases— some by over 1,000%.”

AB 245 establishes a new shared revenue formula that will directly reflect the revenue generated by the state sales tax and provide funding to support police, fire, emergency medical services, and public works. A portion of the funds will also incentivize local governments to be fiscally

responsible, limit the power of counties and municipalities, and increase government transparency.

“After much discussion and negotiation, I have high hopes that the agreement made by stakeholders will make it to Governor Evers’ desk soon, gain his support, and signature.”

Assembly Bill 245 passed tonight in the Assembly (56-36) and now moves on to the Senate for a vote.

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