Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement about the biennial budget that Governor Evers signed into law.

“Legislative Republicans worked tirelessly over the last few months to block Governor Evers’ liberal tax and spending agenda. Unfortunately, because of his powerful veto authority, he reinstated some of it today.

“Vetoing tax cuts on the top two brackets provides hardly any tax relief for truly middle-class families. His decision also creates another economic disadvantage for Wisconsin, leaving our top bracket higher than most of our neighboring states, including Illinois.

“Wisconsin property taxpayers will also bear the burden of Gov. Evers veto regarding per-pupil school funding. By allowing this level into the future, homeowners will experience massive property tax increases in the coming years.

“I am disappointed with his decision to reinstate diversity, equity, and inclusion positions on our college campuses. Contrary to Governor Evers’ statements, Republicans are not waging a war AGAINST higher education. We are waging a war FOR higher education by signaling that well-balanced instruction and merit-based advancement should be the foundation of earning a degree. 

“Additionally, the state’s Medicaid program should not be funding transgender surgeries and gender-affirming care. The Governor’s veto allowing this practice to continue takes money away from low-income families who truly need Medicaid dollars for important healthcare visits and procedures.

“Clearly, now that he’s won re-election by taking credit for Republican ideas, it’s business as usual for Governor Evers, as he returns to his true liberal ideology.”

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