MADISON – Today, the Assembly Committee on Education brought forth AB 232, a bill that directs school boards to provide instruction on Hmong Americans and Asian Americans.  Representative Francesca Hong (D – Madison), both a member of this committee and the bill’s author, is also the first Asian American legislator in Wisconsin’s state history. 

Representative Hong (D – Madison):

“Today’s public hearing marks a significant milestone in what has been many years of bipartisan effort to include instruction on Hmong Americans and Asian Americans in our education curriculum here in Wisconsin. 

“Validating the cultural heritage of thousands of Asian American students will build healthier learning environments where students from diverse backgrounds feel represented and valued, ultimately enhancing their educational experience and overall academic success. 

“One of the fundamental goals of education is to prepare students to become active and engaged citizens in a changing society. By including information about Hmong Americans and Asian Americans in instructional curriculum, we can provide all Wisconsin students with a well-rounded education that reflects the realities of our multicultural state and nation. 

“AB 232 not only fills in the blanks of our past, but it also looks to build a better future for all of our children. We are hopeful that this bill will move successfully through the legislative process.”

The other Democratic Committee members, Reps Shelton (Green Bay), Andraca (Whitefish Bay), Considine (Baraboo), and Myers (Milwaukee) added:

“We have been inspired and uplifted by the testimony in support of AB 232 today. This legislation is past due, and creates a path forward to enriching the lives of all Wisconsin students with a deeper understanding of the backgrounds of their friends and neighbors. We are so grateful for the authors, Representatives Hong, Shankland, Snyder, Committee Chair Rep Kitchens, and the bill’s numerous bipartisan cosponsors for advancing this critical legislation today.”

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