WHEREAS, millions of dollars in private funds have been donated to Wisconsin municipalities  by CTCL and other private groups since 2020 for the purpose of manipulating the outcome of  Wisconsin elections; and 

WHEREAS, according to the reports issued by the Assembly Elections Committee hearings, the  infusion of private money into Wisconsin elections has illegally changed the outcome of these  elections; and 

WHEREAS, the City of Madison, Wisconsin just this week accepted an additional $1.5 million  dollars in private funding to administer elections and the City of Milwaukee, other Wisconsin  cities and the Wisconsin University System have accepted or are currently considering approval  of similar donations; and 

WHEREAS, the Governor of Wisconsin has refused to sign legislation banning the use of  private funds in the administration of Wisconsin’s elections; and 

WHEREAS, the Wisconsin Constitution can be amended without the Governor’s signature by  both the Assembly and Senate passing a resolution in two consecutive sessions and then putting  the resolution on the ballot for the people of Wisconsin to approve; and 

WHEREAS, in the last legislative session, the Wisconsin Assembly and the Wisconsin Senate  passed such a resolution to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to ban the use of private funds in  Wisconsin’s elections; and 

WHEREAS, currently the legislation has yet been brought to the floor for a second vote in the Assembly and the Wisconsin Senate has not brought the resolution to the floor; and 

WHEREAS, we recognize some feel this resolution would bring out Democrat voters and impact  the Supreme Court race; we believe the opposite is the case. Republican turnout is usually lower  in spring elections than Democrats. Democrats are already mobilizing people and money to win the Supreme Court race. This will get our voters to vote on April 4. The resolution on the April  ballot would have the effect of drawing many more conservative and Republican voters to the polls in April. 


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of Dane County highly encourages the  Republican legislature to pass this amendment in time for it to be placed on the April ballot. A copy of this resolution be sent out to Wisconsin State Assembly Leaders, Wisconsin State  Senate Leaders, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brian Schimming

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