WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party unanimously adopted its policy proposals to help end the CCP’s ongoing Uyghur genocide and overwhelmingly adopted its policy proposals to enhance Taiwan’s deterrence. The first bipartisan set of policy recommendations stem from the Select Committee’s March hearing that featured a witness and a survivor of the CCP’s ongoing Uyghur genocide. The second follows the Select Committee’s April wargame that showcased the horrifying costs of a deterrence failure in the Indo-Pacific.

Following the bipartisan votes, Chairman Mike Gallagher and Ranking Member Raja Krishnamoorthi issued a joint statement on the Select Committee’s first policy endorsements:

“The competition with the CCP requires us working together across the aisle, and we are proud that today we voted overwhelmingly to adopt the Select Committee’s first policy recommendations regarding the Uyghur genocide and Taiwan. This is only a first step, and we will continue operating in a bipartisan way to send a message that we are committed to deterrence in the Taiwan Strait and that we won’t turn a blind eye as the CCP commits genocide, “the crime above all crimes,” against the Uyghur people.”

On the Select Committee’s policy recommendations help end the Uyghur genocide, Chairman Gallagher said:

During my time in Congress I have never heard testimony more disturbing than the firsthand accounts of torture, forced sterilization, and mass internment that we heard at the Select Committee’s hearing on the persecution of the Uyghur people. These atrocities easily clear any reasonable definition of genocide, the “crime above all crimes.” Today, the Select Committee took the first step towards bipartisan action and unanimously adopted policy recommendations to sanction responsible CCP officials, ensure American companies are not complicit, and end the de minimis loophole to curtail profits from Uyghur forced labor.”

On the Select Committee’s policy recommendations to bolster deterrence in the Indo-Pacific, Chairman Gallagher said:

“80,000 PLA troops on Taiwan. U.S. warplanes vaporized. Global trade frozen. At the Select Committee’s wargame, members saw the terrifying result of what happens when deterrence fails. To ensure this scenario remains fictional, today Select Committee members voted to overwhelmingly adopt 10 policy recommendations that can pass in this Congress, which will surge hard power across the international dateline and strengthen deterrence in the Taiwan Strait.”

  • Click HERE to read the Select Committee’s full policy recommendations to help end the CCP’s Uyghur genocide.
  • Click HERE to read the Select Committee’s full policy recommendations to enhance Taiwan’s deterrence.
  • Click HERE to read Chairman Gallagher’s remarks on the policy proposals.
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