MADISON – Today, Senate Democratic Leader Melissa Agard (D-Madison) appointed Carousel Bayrd to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. The appointment was made after Commissioner Shauntay Nelson stepped down from her position earlier this week. Bayrd is a civil rights and tenant rights attorney with Community Justice, Inc., where she works as part of a team of lawyers providing legal representation for low income individuals. She also serves as President of the Board of Jewish Social Services (JSS). Previously Bayrd served on the Dane County Board from 2006 through 2022. Senator Agard and Carousel Bayrd released the following statements: 

Senator Agard

“I’m thrilled to appoint Carousel to this important position on the Ethics Commission. Her commitment to fairness and equity has made a positive impact on so many people across our community. I am certain that Carousel’s background as a civil litigator, elected official, and advocate will provide valuable real life insights on the Commission. I have known Carousel for years and have found her integrity, passion for service, and commitment to positive change to be unmatched. I know that Carousel will take seriously her responsibility of holding our elected officials and other members of state government to the highest ethical standards. She’s the exact right person for this role.”

Carousel Bayrd

“I want to thank Senator Agard for entrusting me with this important role. It is my honor to accept this appointment, and I do so with a commitment to promoting faith and trust in our state government. Throughout my career I have focused on issues related to equity and fairness. Whether in the courtroom, on the County Board, or advocating for those needing access to housing – my priorities have always been on ensuring that our systems in government work for everyone, not just those with access to more resources. I will take this same spirit to the Ethics Commission when applied to campaign finance laws and standards for public officials.”

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