MADISON – Governor Tony Evers’ 2023-25 biennial budget includes several provisions that support local communities and promote public safety. Notably, the Governor proposed sending 20 percent of the state’s sales tax revenue back to local communities for shared revenue to fund essential local services. Senate Democratic Leader Melissa Agard (D-Madison) reacts to this proposal and shares its impacts on the 16th Senate District below:

“I recently had the opportunity to sit down with local leaders and hear about the issues impacting their communities. From town board chairs to city council presidents, mayors to county board supervisors, and superintendents to elected school board members, I heard the same resounding message – our local governments are starved of the resources necessary to provide essential services to their communities. For context, since 2011, Republicans cut shared revenue payments to local governments by nine percent, while costs grew and the needs of communities expanded.

“Governor Evers 2023-25 proposed biennial budget includes sending 20 percent of the state’s sales tax revenue back to local communities for shared revenue. The proposal means more than half a billion dollars more per year in new resources for local communities to invest in key priorities—the largest increase in aid to municipalities and counties in decades.”

If the Governor’s proposal becomes law, municipalities in the 16th Senate District can expect to see the following estimated increases in their shared revenue distributions: 

City of Fitchburg – $2,222,887

City of Madison – $21,880,120

City of Monona – $592,883

City of Sun Prairie – $2,458,512

Village of Cottage Grove – $370,832

Village of Maple Bluff – $156,608

Village of McFarland – $716,627

Town of Blooming Grove – $41,334

Town of Cottage Grove – $155,267

Town of Dunkirk – $42,763

Town of Pleasant Springs – $58,715

Town of Sun Prairie – $56,073

Estimated distributions by municipality are also available here.

“Democrats are working for Wisconsin and we know that when our municipalities are strong and prosperous, our state is strong and prosperous.”

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