Madison, Wis. — On February 15, the Joint Committee on Finance held a meeting to consider Arrowhead Park Trail’s stewardship request and approved the project.

“Grand Chute worked tirelessly to get this proposal pushed through. I applaud their hard work and I was happy to help raise this issue with my colleagues,” said Senator Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R-Appleton).

The Joint Committee on Finance reviews certain stewardship projects and works with various parties if objections are raised to come to a negotiated outcome. The project’s $400,000 grant will come from a sub-program “Acquisition and Development of Local Parks” for Arrowhead Park’s trail and rehabilitation project.

“The Town of Grand Chute is grateful for the time and support put forward by Senator Cabral-Guevara in helping to have our grant application reconsidered. The funding that has been approved is notably appreciated,” said the Town of Grand Chute’s Director of Public Works Katie Schwartz.

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